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Players can command the interface to start a game, take screenshots, and save videos.Saying "Play Station" initiates voice control, and "All Commands" displays a list of possible commands.Play Station VR is a virtual reality system for Play Station 4; it consists of a headset, which features a 1080p display panel, LED lights on the headset that are used by Play Station Camera to track its motion, and a control box that processes 3D audio effects, as well as video output to the external display (either simulcasting the player's VR perspective, or providing an asymmetrical secondary perspective).Play Station VR can also be used with Play Station Move motion controllers.The new revision is a higher-end model that is meant to support gameplay in 4K.The new model will be sold alongside the existing model, and all existing software will be compatible between the two models.

Sony finalized a deal with the Chinese government in May 2014 to sell its products in mainland China, and the PS4 will be the first product to be released.

Moving away from the more complex Cell microarchitecture of its predecessor, the console features an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) built upon the x86-64 architecture, which can theoretically peak at 1.84 teraflops; AMD stated that it was the "most powerful" APU it had developed to date.

The Play Station 4 places an increased emphasis on social interaction and integration with other devices and services, including the ability to play games off-console on Play Station Vita and other supported devices ("Remote Play"), the ability to stream gameplay online or to friends, with them controlling gameplay remotely ("Share Play").

Kazuo Hirai, chief executive officer of Sony, said in May: "The Chinese market, just given the size of it, is obviously potentially a very large market for video game products ...

I think that we will be able to replicate the kind of success we have had with PS4 in other parts of the world in China." On June 10, 2016, Sony confirmed that a hardware revision of the Play Station 4, rumored to be codenamed "Neo", was under development.

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